Horse Hooves

Horse Hooves

When I looked at the underside of my horse’s hoof, I thought the condition was awful.  The farrier came and trimmed off the hoof wall which had grown for about 5 weeks since his last visit.  What I found when I flipped the trimming over made me feel a lot better.  The freshly cut shaving showed healthy hoof underneath.  Wish I had taken the pictures a little sooner; they were a day old when taken.  They looked even more striking on the first day!

Hoof surface

Hoof surface which was exposed to the elements…

Healthy hoof

Flip side of the same shaving showing healthy hoof inside.

About A Cain

I am originally from New York State and moved to Pennsylvania for college and graduate school. My husband and I later lived in California and West Virginia, and then we were transferred to North Carolina. I learned to ride as an adult, in North Carolina. I have two horses now: one wild-and-wooly teenager who is learning from me, and one former race horse that has turned into a school master for me. They are both pretty sensible and great on trails, so we go everywhere. They live with me on my own North Carolina mini farm. I love to sit on my deck in the evening and watch them graze.
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