Protecting your farm and home.

I don’t know where the following list of tips came from.  I had it on an old computer I retired.  I thought it was worth sharing, so go through your house and farm and apply it where you can.


 External Door: Have sturdy, professionally installed dead bolt locks. Always keep your doors locked.
 Proper Bolt Alignment: Be certain the bolt assemblies are properly aligned with the striker plate.
 Sliding Glass Doors: Secure with a security bar specifically designed for your sliding door.
Windows: Close and lock all windows prior to leaving the house. It is also a good idea to close your blinds if you are going out.                                                                                               Keys: DO NOT hide your house key anywhere outside of your home. Burglars know all of the hiding places and it is the first thing they will look for. Use a lock bock or give an extra key to a neighbor or family member that you trust.

 SOLID: All outside doors should be metal or solid wood to reduce being kicked in.          TIGHT FIT: Reduces the chance of a pry bar being used to force open the door.              PEEPHOLE: If the door is windowless, install a peephole and use it prior to opening the door.                                                                                                                                                          KNOW YOUR VISITORS: Confirm the identity of all visitors prior to opening the door. Ask for identification from all service company employees. If you are renting and not expecting someone, call the rental company for confirmation before allowing access.

 Keep all loose items inside your home. A burglar will be looking for money, purses / wallets, GPS (GPS mount) and all electronic devices.                                                                    Lock Your Doors: Keeping your vehicle secure at all times will help deter theft.

 Well-Lit: Install motion lights outside and use timed lights inside, variable timers are recommended.
 Clean: Keep the yard clean; prune shrubbery back from the windows and side of the house.
 On Vacation: Request a keep check from the police department. Stop all mail and newspaper services while gone.                                                                                                          Just in Case: Make a list of valuables including serial numbers and keep in a safe place (not at the location the property is located). Some police departments offer Property Registration Forms (obtain from website or in office).

 Proper Monitoring: Alarm systems that are monitored by a 24 hour service provider should be directed to call 911, not the local police dept. Most insurance companies offer discounts for properly installed and monitored burglar/fire alarm systems.

 Don’t Take a Chance: DO NOT enter your home if you see signs of unauthorized entry. CALL 911 & report it immediately!

NEIGHBORHOOD AWARENESS                                                                                                     It’s a great idea to know your neighbors and who should and should not be in their home(s). If you observe a suspicious vehicle and/or person, please call 911 immediately, even if you are not certain of any wrong doing.


About A Cain

I am originally from New York State and moved to Pennsylvania for college and graduate school. My husband and I later lived in California and West Virginia, and then we were transferred to North Carolina. I learned to ride as an adult, in North Carolina. I have two horses now: one wild-and-wooly teenager who is learning from me, and one former race horse that has turned into a school master for me. They are both pretty sensible and great on trails, so we go everywhere. They live with me on my own North Carolina mini farm. I love to sit on my deck in the evening and watch them graze.
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