About the author

I have been selling real estate in the center of North Carolina in and around Raleigh since 1982.  (Would you believe me if I said I started when I was 18?)  I started selling homes before I learned to ride horses. After having my kids, I started to take riding lessons and soon thereafter bought my first horse.  Just like potato chips, you can’t have just one;  I have had five over the years. DSCN8520

I keep my current two horses in my backyard. When we bought our lot, we bought it for elbow room and privacy, but by the time we built on it, a horse farm was the dream.  We built our dream house first, and then the barn and fence.  Now we can sit on the deck and watch the horses graze as the sun sets.  I hope I can help you with your dream, too.

Red for portrait 2013


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